Muzzy Tournament Reel


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  • Perfect reel for anyone
  • Large hood for smooth line flow
  • Dual stainless pickup pins
  • 3.4:1 gear ratio

16 in stock



The Muzzy Tournament reel is purpose-built for high-stakes situations and achieving results. Designed with robustness in mind, this spin cast style reel boasts Muzzy’s renowned elongated hood, which features an enlarged opening and slots for line lubricant. The dual stainless steel pickup pins ensure lightning-fast retrieval, while the carbon fiber handle with larger foam grips provides enhanced leverage and comfort, facilitating ultra-fast line uptake. By upgrading the classic anti-reverse system to a one-way bearing, users can expect an extended reel lifespan without compromising the exceptional Muzzy Reel experience.

Experience the exceptional features of the Muzzy Tournament reel, designed to enhance your bowfishing endeavors. The improved elongated hood provides a larger opening for seamless line flow, accompanied by line lubrication slots to ensure smooth operation. With dual stainless steel pickup pins, this reel guarantees efficient and rapid line retrieval. The gear ratio of 3.4:1 enables precise control and optimal power during your fishing excursions. The carbon fiber handle, equipped with larger foam grips, offers enhanced comfort and superior leverage for a seamless angling experience. Incorporating a one-way bearing anti-reverse system, this reel not only delivers a reliable performance but also extends its overall durability. Elevate your bowfishing game with the Muzzy Tournament reel and enjoy its impressive features for increased performance on the water.

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