Velocity Shafts


  • Very durable
  • Faster than fiberglass shafts
  • Available in UD or 3K Carbon Fiber
  • 5/16 bare shaft
  • Tapered end and drilled hole
  • Nock NOT included

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The Velocity arrow shafts are a major step up from standard fiberglass bowfishing shafts. These shafts are comprised of a fiberglass inner core, wrapped in durable carbon fiber exterior. These shafts shoot fast and are very durable, a perfect combination for bowfishing tournaments. Nock is not included.

Velocity vs Velocity LT

The difference between the Velocity and Velocity LT is the type of carbon fiber used to construct the shaft. The Velocity LT is comprised of unidirectional carbon fiber and the Velocity uses 3k carbon fiber. While both types of carbon fiber offer durability and strength, the 3k carbon fiber is simply stronger and more durable than unidirectional carbon fiber due to it’s multidirectional strength. See below for more details.

  1. 3k Carbon Fiber:
  • “3k” refers to the carbon fiber weave pattern, where “3k” signifies a tow (bundle) containing 3,000 individual carbon filaments.
  • The carbon fibers are woven together in a crisscross pattern, forming a checkerboard-like appearance.
  • This weaving technique creates a balanced and multidirectional strength, allowing the material to exhibit good tensile, compressive, and torsional properties.
  1. Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Fiber:
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber refers to carbon fibers that are arranged parallel to each other, typically in a single direction within the composite material.
  • Unlike the woven pattern of 3k carbon, UD carbon has all the carbon fibers aligned in the same direction.
  • This arrangement offers exceptional strength and stiffness along the axis of fiber alignment, maximizing performance in that specific direction.


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