MegaMouth 2.0 Reel


  • Buttonless design – no way to accidentally shoot an unreleased reel
  • Ultra-wide cone reduces friction and line-whip
  • Dual, no-fry stainless steel gears
  • Unmatched torque and fastest (28″ per crank) retrieve in the industry
  • Adjustable T-Bar clutch
  • Power-crank big fish without concern thanks to drive shaft anti-reverse system
  • New & improved toolless, patented, hex-set thru-tube torque rod
  • New & improved hex, lever lock picatinny rail mount system allows toolless adjustment and removal (patent pending)
  • 40 yards of premium, pre-spooled 200# test line
  • Converts easily from right to left hand
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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MegaMouth® stands apart from other spincast bowfishing reels, as it was purpose-built exclusively for bowfishing, rather than being a modified fishing reel. With its unique features and design, MegaMouth® offers unparalleled performance and convenience.

One distinctive feature is the Buttonless FreeWheel® design, ensuring that accidental releases are a thing of the past. This design provides peace of mind and eliminates the risk of prematurely shooting an unreleased reel.

The MegaMouth® reel boasts an ultra-wide cone, reducing friction and minimizing line-whip, resulting in smoother and more accurate casts. Its dual stainless steel gears deliver exceptional durability, allowing you to handle rigorous bowfishing action without fear of gear failure.

For lightning-fast retrieves, the FireFast retrieve feature provides unmatched torque and speed, allowing for a rapid retrieval rate of 28 inches per crank. The MegaMouth® reel also incorporates three solid axial pins that engage quickly and reliably, ensuring a seamless shooting experience without the risk of pin breakage.

In addition to its performance-driven features, the MegaMouth® reel offers convenient adjustability. It features a quick-adjust drag system that allows for on-the-fly adjustments during fights with fish. The adjustable T-Bar clutch further enhances control and adaptability while battling powerful fish.

You can confidently tackle big fish with the MegaMouth® reel, thanks to its drive shaft anti-reverse system, which prevents any unwelcome reverse movement when cranking under heavy loads. The reel also boasts a new and improved toolless, patented hex-set thru-tube torque rod, providing effortless adjustment and enhanced performance.

The MegaMouth® reel’s innovative hex, lever lock picatinny rail mount system sets it apart. This patent-pending system allows for toolless adjustment and removal, providing convenience and versatility on the go.

With 40 yards of premium, pre-spooled 200# test line, the MegaMouth® reel offers convenience right out of the box. Additionally, the reel can easily convert from right-hand to left-hand retrieve, catering to individual preferences and ensuring a comfortable grip for all bowfishers.

Experience the superior performance and innovative design of the MegaMouth® reel, the ultimate bowfishing companion that has been engineered specifically to enhance your bowfishing adventures.

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